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Description: This is the text for the Frequently Asked Questions that applies to this specific tour. QUESTION: IS THERE A STOP FOR FOOD? We do not stop for dinner, although we do stop for ice cream early in the tour! Please eat something substantial prior to the tour, and bring a little extra cash along should you wish to purchase some ice cream.   QUESTION: IS THE WINE INCLUDED IN THE TOUR PRICE? Yes! And a Seine River Cruise too!   QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT CHILDREN? WHAT DO THEY DRINK ON THE BOAT? We will offer a complimentary can of Coke, Coke Light, Sprite or Orangina to all that choose not to drink wine.   QUESTION: IS THIS TOUR APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN, AND IF SO, WHAT ARE YOUR BIKE OPTIONS? All of our bike tours are excellent family activities!  However, the Paris Night Bike Tour is a bit faster paced and involves more street traffic, whereas our Paris Day Bike Tour has a more leisurely pace and stays mostly on bike paths and sidewalks.  If you're travelling with kids, we often suggest taking the Paris Day Bike Tour first in order to gauge their comfort on tour, and deciding later about the Paris Night Bike Tour. If you are only interested in the Paris Night Bike Tour, please make sure that your children are comfortable on bikes and riding in a group. Also, please note that children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the tour. We have loads of families and we're a great family activity. We offer multiple bike options for children depending on their age, size, and riding ability. You can view our bikes here: For children up to 12 years old or 45kg (100lbs) without good bike handling skills we offer 2-wheeled tandems that allow the passenger to pedal or coast, without having to maintain a high level of balance. All riders over 45kg (100lbs) must ride their own bicycle. We have various sized city bikes to accommodate just about every size of rider, from extra small 20” wheeled bikes for riders that are 3.3ft (100cm) to extra large for riders up to 6.5ft (198cm). Unfortunately, we do not have adult tricycles, adult tandems, or bikes with training wheels for adults or children that have balancing issues, or that may be less confident in their riding ability. Trailers and Tandems are the same price as bikes, where as baby-seats are free. Due to limited availability please book baby seats, trailers, tandems, 20” and 24” wheeled bikes in advance. Please Note: All extra-small 20 inch and small 24inch bikes are equipped with both hand brakes and pedal brakes. Our city tours are very casual, with only slight elevation gains, on varying surfaces from smooth gravel to pavement. It is necessary however that any person planning on taking our bike tours to have at least some experience riding, and should be comfortable riding in a group. QUESTION: ARE THE TOURS CANCELLED IF IT RAINS? No, our tours run rain or shine, and we have rain ponchos available in our office for anyone that needs them. They are only €1 and we will gladly buy them back from you if they are not used during your tour. We encourage all guests to consult the weather forecast and plan your dress accordingly.  
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