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Description: TERMS & CONDITIONS £ 38 per person (same price applies for all guests, adults and children over the age of three). Free for children under age 3. To access the evening festivities, a special bracelet will be given to valid ticket-holders upon arrival at the Park entrance, starting at 17:00. The evening festivities may be changed, postponed or cancelled without prior notice, particularly in the event of inclement weather. Parking is not included in the ticket price (15€ per vehicle as of 16:00). No more than 6 tickets per order. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, nor can they be linked to any discounts or special offers. Information about the wearing of costumes: Guests are exceptionally authorized to wear Halloween-themed costumes during this special evening event. However, we reserve the right, at our discretion and at any time, to prohibit certain costumes such as those which completely conceal the wearer’s face or head and/or if we consider the costume/accessories/make-up shocking or inappropriate for our younger guests and their families. The same applies to accessories that could be considered dangerous on attractions for other Guests (e.g. long capes, sticks, weapons factitious etc.) or could affect safety or security within the Park. For safety reasons, we also reserve the right to visually inspect or use security scanning equipment on your clothing, coats and personal belongings before entry and/ or inside the Parks especially for guests wearing multi layered costumes that cover the entire body. As a reminder and according to the rules of the Parks, please note that the following items may not be brought into the Parks: Any object or toy having the appearance of a firearm (laser, gun, water gun, …) Any mask worn by Guests of 12 years of age or older (except for medical reasons) Any clothing trailing on the ground.    Guests who would like to wear a Disney Character costume commit to refrain from posing for photos and from signing autographs. 
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Disneyland® Paris - Halloween Party   Disneyland® Paris - HANDICAPPED GROUP from 10 people - From 3/11/2016  
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