Nausicaa – French National Sea Centre

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Description: With 4.5 million liters of water, this is the French 'seaworld' experience - the place where you get a true sense of marine exploration.  All the seas on earth are here.  Our large aquariums and terrariums, together with our ultra-modern presentation technology, give you unique insights of the riches in the seas - and the threats facing them.  SEA LION RESERVE Watch the graceful dance of California sea lions inside a million-litre tunnel-shaped glass tank and glide alongside them in their watery home.  You’ll love seeing the nimble acrobatics, quick intelligence and playfulness of these wild sea mammals right up close. TOUCH POOL Treat your children to the unique experience of petting the stingrays in Nausicaa's touch pool!  Move your hand even slightly and the rays will come over and rub against it like a cat.  These creatures also lift their head out of the water, inviting you to join them, touch them, and experience the ocean from a different perspective...  SHARK AQUARIUM Get up close and personal with Jaws!  Embark on a sea journey to meet the ultimate marine animal, the shark. Study its fascinating strength and grace in front of a giant aquarium .  Go back in time to discover a creature that has inhabited the earth for 400 million years.  After your visit, you’ll never look at sharks again the same way.   PENGUIN BEACH How about a beach date with penguins?  You’ve just arrived on the rocky coast of the Cape, inSouth Africa – penguins trot up, curious to meet you, before diving back into the water.  These creatures, as agile in the water as they are awkward on land, will treat you to an unforgettable experience!    
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