May 7, 2018 03:14:02
Tall Boy Log Store
Agriframes Tall Boy Log Store Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden
Category: Agriframes Root > Garden Structures > Garden Structure Accessories|Agriframes Root > Garden Maintena


This vertical log store with lattice sides and roof has all the advantages of the cabinet log store, but its narrow width enables the structure to be placed between windows or doors. It takes just over 1 square metre of logs. Features fully welded lattice, joints and patio feet.

Patio feet must be placed on blocks if assembled on soft ground.<

Price: £186.00

May 6, 2018 15:58:18
Elegance Gothic Screen
Agriframes Elegance Gothic Screen Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden|garden
Path: Garden
Category: Grow at Home|Garden Structures|Garden Structures > Garden Screens|Garden Structures > Our Collection


Can be easily screwed straight to the wall as a traditional trellis panel or mounted on matching fence poles to create a free-standing screen. This product perfectly complements our Elegance Gothic Arch.

Dimensions: H152cm x W62cm
Colour: Sage Green and Matt Black.

Add an Elegance fence pole to join two screens together! (H150cm)

Price: £96.00

May 5, 2018 17:46:06
Elegance Gothic Border Edging
Agriframes Elegance Gothic Border Edging Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden|garden
Path: Garden
Category: Grow at Home|Garden Structures|Garden Structures > Our Collections|Grow at Home > Elegance Kitchen G


This border edging, made up of mini gothic arches, look charming in front of low flowering borders. Simply stake into the ground. Each length simply hooks into another to form a row. Made from high quality steel. 

Pack of four. L40cm (15.7”) x H11cm (4.3”)

Click here for details on product specification and finishes.

Price: £17.00
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