October 9, 2017 11:06:34
Pack of Pegs (Pack of 5)
Agriframes Pack of Pegs (Pack of 5) Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden
Category: Agriframes Root > Garden Maintenance > Tool & Storage Racks|Agriframes Root > Gifts > Christmas Gift


Useful in the kitchen, cloakroom, porch, greenhouse and shed. No need for screws. Just hammer into wood.

L15.5cm x W7cm x H4cm

Please allow 7-10 working days for standard delivery. Next day delivery is not available on this item.

Pack of 5.

Price: £8.85

October 9, 2017 11:06:34
Parasol Plant Support
Agriframes Parasol Plant Support Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden
Category: Agriframes Root > Grow at Home > Plant Frames & Supports|Agriframes Root > Grow at Home > Haxnicks G


• Elegant plant support for sweetpeas, beans and other climbing plants

• Wide spaced parasol arms allow room for plant growth

• Stylish and impressive

• Easy to construct

• Includes 6 curved parasol arms, central pole and ground spike in 4 sections, 6 tough p

Price: £18.69

October 18, 2017 06:53:31
Patio Feet
Agriframes Patio Feet Advertiser: Agriframes other garden equipment & decoration
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Other Garden Equipment & Decoration
Category: Garden Furniture

Description: If you need to fix your Agriframes structure to a patio or path, these plates are ideal. They can also be used in the bottom of a large plant tub. Sold as a pair. Each upright requires a patio foot. For example: an Arch requires 4 Patio feet (2 pairs) Available in the Classic and Classic Extra Ranges W10cm x L10cm

Price: £23.95
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