October 9, 2017 11:06:34
Tall Boy Log Store
Agriframes Tall Boy Log Store Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden
Category: Agriframes Root > Garden Structures > Garden Structure Accessories|Agriframes Root > Garden Maintena


This vertical log store with lattice sides and roof has all the advantages of the cabinet log store, but its narrow width enables the structure to be placed between windows or doors. It takes just over 1 square metre of logs. Features fully welded lattice, joints and patio feet.

Patio feet must be placed on blocks if assembled on soft ground.<

Price: £186.00

January 21, 2014 09:43:14
Telegraph Fleece
Agriframes Telegraph Fleece Advertiser: Agriframes other garden equipment & decoration
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Other Garden Equipment & Decoration
Category: Garden Furniture

Description: Our Exclusive telegraph winter fleece offer as seen in Saturdays Edition.   Versatile all year weather protection for your precious plants and seedlings, spun from filaments of polypropylene. N.B. Prices shown already include 10% discount. 

Price: £1.50

October 9, 2017 11:06:34
Telescopic Pruner
Agriframes Telescopic Pruner Advertiser: Agriframes home & garden
Category: Agriframes Root > Garden Maintenance > Tools


Our Telescopic Pruner enables you to get to those hard to reach places with ease. Prune in areas you have never been able to reach before and avoid over-stretching with the pruner's adjustable length.

Price: £39.99
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