Portable Door Alarm Wedge - Black

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Description: The Portable Door Alarm Wedge is perfect for so many situationsPeople who travel alone may like the added security of securing the door when they sleep Those who live in shared accomodation may crave a little privacy - the wedge provides the option for pre-warning when one of your house-mates come home Or those who occasionally spend a night alone and like the securityThe Portable Door Alarm Wedge has been designed to slip under the inside of a door so that any unwanted visitors or intruders will set off a 130dB alarm alerting neighbours and at the same time will assist in having the door opened any furtherThe Portable Door Alarm Wedge was even treated to the Gadget Show approval wwwgadgetshowchannel5com The Portable Door Alarm Wedge is compact in deisgn - hence it being suitable for travel - to operate simply slide the switch to ON product is in stand-by Alarm will activate when the door its placed under swings open The alarm will only switch off by sliding the swith to the OFF position
Price: £9.95

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