August 2, 2017 11:55:58
FaceBook Junkie Beach Towel
Boysstuff FaceBook Junkie Beach Towel Advertiser: Boysstuff baskets, bins, bowls & boxes|chairs|gifts for men|novelty gifts|unusual gifts
Path: Gifts > Experience Gifts > Unusual gifts
Category: New Stuff|Bachelor Pad|Girls Stuff|Secret Santa|Summer

Description: Whilst you may not have your laptop or even your smart phone with you on holiday yea right just so you dont get withdrawal symptons of seeing your familliar like logo we bring you The FaceBook Junkie Beach Towel This 100 cotton quality beach towel will certainly make you stand out in the crowdnbsp Should make it easier to re-locate your sun lounger too

Price: £9.95

September 9, 2012 03:51:25
False Achievement Photo Frames
Boysstuff False Achievement Photo Frames Advertiser: Boysstuff baskets, bins, bowls & boxes|chairs|corkscrews & bottle openers|gifts for men
Path: Gifts > Gifts for Men
Category: New Stuff|Bachelor Pad|Gift Ideas for Men|New Stuff|Boys Toys

Description: All you need to do is have a passport photograph slot it behind the mounts and carefully stick it down Using one of the different mounts that come with the frame you can brag that you have been on a NASA mission been sky diving won a gold medal or tell fishy tales of the big one that got awayThe False Achievement Photo Frame is a great gift for the batc

Price: £6.95

March 28, 2014 22:55:41
Fart Alert Button
Boysstuff Fart Alert Button Advertiser: Boysstuff baskets, bins, bowls & boxes|chairs|gifts & drink accessories|gifts for men|novelty gifts
Path: Novelty Gifts
Category: Naughty|New Stuff|Bachelor Pad|Sale|Sale|Sales|Sale

Description: These fantastically fun Big button coversnbspthe thing you wouldnt necessarily say yourself but definately has a time and placeThis larger than life button not only screams outnbspa fart alert when you push it but also lights up and flashesYou get the ideaWe now have these in the office as they are such a great product every time some one speaks people

Price: £2.95
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