June 20, 2017 11:07:09
Magners Bottleclock
Boysstuff Magners Bottleclock Advertiser: Boysstuff chairs|clocks|drinks|9v|torches|birthday
Path: Occasional Gifts > Birthday
Category: New Stuff|Gadgets|Lighting|Ideas for Birthday Gifts|Clock|DrinkStuff

Description: Each bottleclock is hand crafted using a real beer bottleThe label issoaked off and each bottle melted Each bottle is then drilled and the label replaced and a funky wall clock emergesThe Magners Bottleclock may not be 100 perfect when it comes out of the kiln As each clock is hand crafted each one is unique and will contain imperfections within the gla

Price: £14.95

July 1, 2017 10:44:54
Male Strip Mugs
Boysstuff Male Strip Mugs Advertiser: Boysstuff cushions|baskets, bins, bowls & boxes|kitchen utensils|chairs|gifts for men|unusual gifts
Path: Gifts > Experience Gifts > Unusual gifts
Category: New Stuff|Girls Stuff|Naughty|Bachelor Pad|Mothers Day|Kitchen

Description: The Male Strip Mug is the hottest mug you will ever drink your favourite beverage fromWhilst sitting in the cupboard or on the tree mug this mug is all very decent with utmost decorumOnce you boil that kettle and add the boiling hot water to the mug its a very different story The heat simply peels away his clothing revealing a hunkPerfect stocking fill

Price: £4.95

December 18, 2012 11:13:54
Man Bowl
Boysstuff Man Bowl Advertiser: Boysstuff baskets, bins, bowls & boxes|chairs|gifts for men
Path: Gifts > Gifts for Men
Category: New Stuff|Gifts for Men|Bachelor Pad

Description: If your man has a big appetite or is just plain greedy they this Man Bowl is the perfect gift for himBased on the classic dog bowl this bowl is ideal for man-sized portions or his favourite mealnbsp From a distance you could be mistaken for thinking it was for the dog but up close its marked up for the MAN of the housenbsp Unless he is in the doghouse o

Price: £14.95
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