April 21, 2014 22:39:15
Kivu/Mysore Coffee
Coffee-Direct Kivu/Mysore Coffee Advertiser: Coffee-Direct coffee, tea & cocoa
Path: Drinks > Coffee, Tea & Cocoa
Category: Coffee Types > Blends

Description: A distinct and creamy blend of our Congolese Kivu and Indian Mysore beans, blended to produce a wonderful, strong flavoured coffee that can be enjoyed all through the day, by filter or straight from the cafetiere. The sweet flavours of Mysore beans work brilliantly with the Kivu's more complex fruit flavours, giving you an indulgent, full-bodied coffee

Price: £7.99

April 19, 2014 04:31:18
Monsoon Malabar Coffee - Subscription
Coffee-Direct Monsoon Malabar Coffee - Subscription Advertiser: Coffee-Direct coffee
Path: Drinks > Coffee, Tea & Cocoa > Coffee
Category: Coffee Subscriptions

Description: Subscribe and Save up to 7% - Buy a 6 or 12 month subscription to your favourite coffee and we'll send out a bag each month; not only will you receive the very freshest coffee, you can also save 5% on 6 month plans and 7% on 12 month plans versus the individual price of buying your coffee monthly. Your initial order will be sent straight away, and the r

Price: £61.99

April 11, 2014 04:18:44
Medium Coffee Gift Pack - Medium
Coffee-Direct Medium Coffee Gift Pack - Medium Advertiser: Coffee-Direct coffee
Path: Drinks > Coffee, Tea & Cocoa > Coffee
Category: Coffee Gifts > Coffee Hampers

Description: A carefully chosen collection of four 454g packs of medium strength coffee: Mocha Java; the infamous blend of mild fruit, chocolate and spice flavours that has become a favourite of coffee drinkers around the world; Kenya Reserve, a medium strength blend that includes Kenya Peaberry for a slight fruitiness and a roasted, nutty base; Caribbean Blend, whi

Price: £49.99
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