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August 26, 2017 08:06:07
12x Jacob's Ladder Steaks
Donald Russell 12x Jacob's Ladder Steaks Advertiser: Donald Russell food, drink & tobacco products|meat|beef
Path: Food > Meat > Beef
Category: Food & Drink/Meat/Beef/Beef Steaks

Description: Slices taken right across one of the tastiest rib cuts ever. Sear fast and serve rare, like our speciality steaks, then nibble the rich meat from the nubs of bone, just like you would a chop.

Price: £16.00

August 26, 2017 08:06:07
Pork, Leek and Dijon Casserole
Donald Russell Pork, Leek and Dijon Casserole Advertiser: Donald Russell food, drink & tobacco products|prepared meals|food
Path: Food
Category: Food & Drink/Ready Meals/Casseroles

Description: Indulgent, yet surprisingly healthy, the flavours and textures of juicy pork shoulder and sweet, tender leeks marry beautifully with the white wine and fresh cream sauce, spiked with generous dollops of both wholegrain and smooth Dijon mustard.

Price: £8.00

August 26, 2017 08:06:07
Black Pudding Sliced
Donald Russell Black Pudding Sliced Advertiser: Donald Russell food, drink & tobacco products|meat|other meat|sweets & nibbles
Path: Food > Sweets & Nibbles
Category: Food & Drink/Meat/Charcuterie/Puddings

Description: Produced in Scotland, our Black Pudding is very delicately spiced and is full of natural flavours. Superb for late breakfasts and brunches, but so hard to find, especially of this quality. Pre-cut into rounds, simply fry in a little oil for a satisfying and unusual brunch - real foodies will have a field day!

Price: £6.00
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