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December 26, 2016 01:39:17
250ml 250ml Saddle Clinic Leather Revive
Furniture Clinic 250ml 250ml Saddle Clinic Leather Revive Advertiser: Furniture Clinic chemical products|painting & wallpapering products
Path: DIY > Wall & Floor > Painting & Wallpapering Products
Category: Home & Garden > Household Supplies > Household Cleaning Supplies > Household Cleaning Products > Lea

Description: A natural conditioner, formulated to soften leather saddles, tack and leather riding gear. Saddle Clinic Leather Revive is a water based oil emulsion that is formulated to revive and soften leather saddles and tack that have become hard, brittle and dried out.

Suitable for use on equestrian leathers of all types
Quick and easy to

Price: £12.95

December 21, 2016 20:40:10
20 x 4cm Sticks Light - Dark Shades
Furniture Clinic 20 x 4cm Sticks Light - Dark Shades Advertiser: Furniture Clinic tools & electrical tools
Path: DIY > Tools & Electrical Tools
Category: Furniture

Description: The Soft Wax Repair Kit is a handy set of 20 wax filler sticks (4cm each) of varying shades used for repairing scratches, small holes, dents & chips to all wooden surfaces. The product works by simply rubbing the wax stick into the damaged wood and then scraping off the excess with the applicator tool (provided). Shades vary from light to dark to ensure

Price: £27.95

December 11, 2016 08:05:11
200ml Beeswax Polish
Furniture Clinic 200ml Beeswax Polish Advertiser: Furniture Clinic painting & wallpapering products|furniture polish
Path: Household & Kitchen > Cleaning Products > Cleaning Articles & Gloves > Furniture Polish
Category: Home & Garden > Household Supplies > Household Cleaning Supplies > Household Cleaning Products > Fur

Description: Beeswax Polish is a natural wax used to feed and protect bare wooden surfaces, it seals and protects all types of wood and wooden surfaces giving a long lasting, durable and natural looking shine.

Beeswax acts as a protective coating on the surface, enhancing the woods shine and helping keep it looking better for longer.

Price: £7.95
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