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February 21, 2018 21:48:40
Grilled mushrooms in extravirgin olive oils and spices
Giordano Wines Grilled mushrooms in extravirgin olive oils and spices Advertiser: Giordano Wines sausage|bread & pastries
Path: Food > Bread & Pastries
Category: Starters|Pantry

Description: Wood-raosted mushrooms - the perfect starter!

Price: £4.99

February 21, 2018 14:08:30
Peaches in Orange Syrup
Giordano Wines Peaches in Orange Syrup Advertiser: Giordano Wines fruit|sausage
Path: Food > Cooked Meat > Sausage
Category: Traditional Sweet|Pantry

Description: Delicious Italian peaches in an orange syrup.

Price: £3.90

February 1, 2018 18:27:29
Valpolicella DOC 2014 Superiore Ripasso
Giordano Wines Valpolicella DOC 2014 Superiore Ripasso Advertiser: Giordano Wines wines|italian wines
Path: Drinks > Wines > Red Wine > Italian Wines
Category: Aged|Regioni|Veneto

Description: Produced from the local Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes grown in the hilly district near the town of Verona. The grapes undergo a traditional vinification process and are then aged for one year in oak to reach perfect maturity.

Price: £12.99
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