July 29, 2017 21:52:56
Hario Tea Dripper "LARGO"
Hario Hario Tea Dripper Advertiser: Hario tea makers
Path: Household & Kitchen > Cooking & Baking > Kitchen Products > Espresso, Coffee & Tea Makers > Tea Makers
Category: Tea Dripper

Description: Hario Tea Dripper "LARGO" - Ingenious Way to Brew Tea. Inspired by the V60 dripper design for coffee, Hario has decided to create a Tea Dripper for tea and they have succeeded once again. This device will make any tea enthusiast smile instantly. The process of brewing your tea each morning manually will never be the same again. Once the tea leaves steep

Price: £35.00

June 24, 2017 20:06:33
Hario Tea Server "Teaor" Olive Wood 700ml
Hario Hario Tea Server Advertiser: Hario tea makers
Path: Household & Kitchen > Cooking & Baking > Kitchen Products > Espresso, Coffee & Tea Makers > Tea Makers
Category: Chaor Pull Up

Description: Hario Tea Server Teaor Olive Wood 700ml - Extract Full Depth Flavour Serving perfectly infused, delicious tea has never been easier. If you have been searching for tea equipment that gets the most out of tea leaves, stop right here. The Hario tea server will fully extract any herbs or leaves. It will also make the tea taste delicious. Add the leaves to

Price: £50.00

February 23, 2017 22:29:23
Hario Twin Tumbler 280ml
Hario Hario Twin Tumbler 280ml Advertiser: Hario coffee and tea sets
Path: Household & Kitchen > Tableware > Crockery > Coffee and Tea Sets
Category: Glassware

Description: This small double walled glass is perfect for any cold beverage. The right size to share a quality beer, the double walled glass keeps your drink cold and your hands comfortable. No more sweaty glasses, not matter how hot it is outside. Alternatively - keeps your hot drinks hot, without burning your fingers! 

Price: £24.00
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