March 6, 2017 06:56:10
Panasonic Dentacare EW0925 Double-Edged Toothbrush Heads (x2)
Healthcare4all Panasonic Dentacare EW0925 Double-Edged Toothbrush Heads (x2) Advertiser: Healthcare4all adapters
Path: Accessories > Plugs & Cables > Adapters
Category: Accessories / Refills

Description: Double-edged brush properly fits the surface of the teeth and ensures plaque removal by easily reaching inter-dental spacesPack of 2 headsDesigned for the following Panasonic toothbrush models: EW-DL40, EW1031, EW1035

Price: £11.00

February 23, 2017 15:41:14
Dansac Adhesive Remover Spray 50ml
Healthcare4all Dansac Adhesive Remover Spray 50ml Advertiser: Healthcare4all first aid
Path: First Aid
Category: Adhesive Removers

Description: Use the Dansac Adhesive Remover to help ensure quick and painless removal of stoma appliances. The Adhesive Remover dissolves the adhesive of the skin barrier to allow for easy removal of the appliance. The Adhesive Remover is sting-free and skin-friendly. As it is a silicone-based alcohol-free solution it is unlikely to sting even on sore skin.

Price: £16.96

February 23, 2017 08:32:38
Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Mucus Aspirator
Healthcare4all Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Mucus Aspirator Advertiser: Healthcare4all cold & flu remedies
Path: Treatment & Prevention > Coughs & Sneezes > Cold & Flu Remedies
Category: Colds & Flu

Description: Blocked and runny noses in babies may be caused by viruses or general collection of mucus. Sometimes it's hard to remove the mucus, and it can lead to the child not feeding as much as normal and not sleeping as easily. A nasal aspirator can help remove the mucus from a blocked or runny nose by sucking the mucus into the attached container. They are safe

Price: £27.98
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