March 6, 2018 22:50:48
Omron VVT Nebuliser Kit Set N-01 9515573-6
Healthcare4all Omron VVT Nebuliser Kit Set N-01 9515573-6 Advertiser: Healthcare4all treatment & prevention
Path: Treatment & Prevention
Category: Nebuliser Accessories

Description: Includes nebuliser kit and mouthpiece For C28P (new model) and NE-C801Part number 9515573-6

Price: £8.10

March 3, 2018 04:21:24
Topper 8 Gauze Swabs 10cm x 10cm (x100)
Healthcare4all Topper 8 Gauze Swabs 10cm x 10cm (x100) Advertiser: Healthcare4all wound treatment
Path: First Aid > Wound Treatment
Category: Gauze Swabs

Description: TOPPER 8 Swabs are unique rayon/polyester, non-woven sponges that provide improved strength, absorbency, and scrubbing texture compared to traditional gauze Holds its shape and texture better than cotton gauze sponge Helps protect and cushion the wound Reduces snagging on sutures and provides excellent wound release Versatile; dresses, preps and scrub

Price: £5.99

March 2, 2018 08:53:40
iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Stimulator (MamaSure)
Healthcare4all iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Stimulator (MamaSure) Advertiser: Healthcare4all pregnancy
Path: Pregnancy
Category: Baby & Maternity

Description: The new version of the extremely popular MamaSure product Designed to cure incontinence - of the following types: stress, urge and mixed Can improve sexual intimacy iTouch Sure has been shown to be clinically safe and effective Includes vaginal probe Can be used with men by attaching optional anal probe Suitable for patients of all ages - not just

Price: £59.95
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