SelfCheck Home Screen Multi Drug Urine Test

Clinical Measuring & Testing Devices SelfCheck Home Screen Multi Drug Urine Test Advertiser: Healthcare4all clinical measuring & testing devices
Path: Clinical Measuring & Testing Devices
Category: Diagnostic Equipment
Description: A simple one-step urine drug test Accurately detects the 6 most commonly used illegal drugs Reliable results in just 5 minutes Reassurance for parents concerned about their children Single-use test kit Most multi-drug test kits like the SelfCheck ones are used to check for the presence of illegal/dangerous drugs as part of a well established, ongoing random screening programme in a range of employment sectors, such as public transport, road transport, the oil and gas industries, as well as educational establishments. The test provides rapid information regarding the possible use of commonly abused drugs: Cocaine (COC) Amphetamine (AMP) Cannabis (THC) Methamphetamine - inc Ecstasy (mAMP) Opiates inc Heroin (OPI) Benzodiazepines (BZO) Procedure: Immerse the test panel in a urine sample and read the visual result after 5 minutes. After use the test can be discarded in household waste.
Price: £10.98

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