Baby Sound A Fetal Doppler Pocket Model

Pregnancy Baby Sound A Fetal Doppler Pocket Model Advertiser: Healthcare4all pregnancy
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Description: Baby Sound A Pocket Fetal Doppler is a handheld small medical equipment for detecting Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) which is specially for family of pregnant women to conduct daily detection of FHR and listen to the sound of baby heart beat. This fetal Doppler is suitable for use for expectant mothers as early as 12th week pregnancy. By integrating the high sensitive probe and the main units together, this portable and easy-to-use fetal Doppler is mainly used for simple auscultation. Equipped with a water resistant 2MHz probe, this fetal Doppler provides crystal clear sounds which can be heard through double headphones. The two headphone sockets design allows expectant mother and father hear the fetal heart sound together.This Fetal Doppler can be connected to a computer, CD or tape with recording cable to record the fetal heart sound and share fetal heart beat with family and friends.Features: Ultrasound Intensity
Price: £40.00

BRCars   Baby Sound B Fetal Doppler Pocket Model With LCD display  
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