June 30, 2017 08:05:21
Personalised Dog Memorial Stone
IJustLoveIt Personalised Dog Memorial Stone Advertiser: IJustLoveIt pets & domestic animals
Path: Pets & Domestic Animals
Category: Gifts by Type > Unusual Gifts > House and Home > Personalised Wall Art > Personalised Pet Signs

Description: Personalised Dog Memorial Stone - Gift Details. Your pooch may have chewed your shoes as a pup or malted and made you hoover more than once a week, but their loyalty and love was worth it. Saying goodbye isn?t easy. But you can remember the wonderful memories you and your beloved pup have shared with our Personalised Dog Memorial. With this Personalised

Price: £21.99

June 30, 2017 08:05:21
Personalised Pet Towels
IJustLoveIt Personalised Pet Towels Advertiser: IJustLoveIt birds
Path: Pets & Domestic Animals > Birds
Category: Gifts by Recipient > Pet and Animal Gifts

Description: Personalised Pet Towels - Gift Details. Keep your precious pet clean and dry with help from our amazing Personalised Pet Towel!. This super-absorbent towel is twice as effective as normal cotton towels and is constructed from a fast-drying micro fibre so you don't have to endure that dreaded wet dog smell. It's fully machine washable and folds up nice a

Price: £12.99

June 30, 2017 08:05:21
Personalised Heart Slate
IJustLoveIt Personalised Heart Slate Advertiser: IJustLoveIt gifts & drink accessories
Path: Drinks > Gifts & Drink Accessories
Category: Gifts by Type > Unusual Gifts > Engraved Gifts

Description: Personalised Heart Slate - Gift Details. This rustic Personalised Heart, made from thick natural slate, is the perfect gift for those you love. With gorgeous thick rope, this heart slate can be hung up just about anywhere in the home or outside. You can have Any Message engraved onto it, with plenty of space to tell the recipient how you feel! Perfect f

Price: £16.99
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