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March 21, 2017 00:34:20
Supercar Hot Lap Rides
Into the Blue Supercar Hot Lap Rides Advertiser: Into the Blue driving
Path: Gifts > Experience Gifts > Driving
Category: High Speed Passenger Rides

Description: Stand by for super car rides that are hot hot hot! Let the professional race drivers show off their skills as you ride shotgun in a supercar with them to experience just what these 'hot laps' are all about. And believe us it's certainly an eye-opening (or rather closing) experience!Let's face it when you see a supercar sitting there looking pretty in

Price: £45.00

February 18, 2017 21:39:01
Racing Powerboat in Hampshire
Into the Blue Racing Powerboat in Hampshire Advertiser: Into the Blue sport & adventure
Path: Gifts > Experience Gifts > Sport & adventure
Category: Zapcat and Powerboat Cruising

Description: Take a powerboat experience in Southampton and go racing over the waves! It's not everyday you can drive an offshore racing powerboat so this experience is an absolute must for adrenaline hungry water babes who love to go at speed across the seas out of the marina at Southampton in Hampshire. The powerful boat is the real deal actually competing in t

Price: £35.00

February 17, 2017 20:22:27
Jet Ski Lincolnshire
Into the Blue Jet Ski Lincolnshire Advertiser: Into the Blue sport & adventure
Path: Gifts > Experience Gifts > Sport & adventure
Category: Jetskis and Jetbikes

Description: Ride the water on a jet ski in Lincolnshire! We are offering a taster session on these fun jets skis at the lovely Tattershall Lake country park which is nestled in the Lincolnshire fens between Lincoln city centre and Skegness on the coast.This Lincolnshire venue is actually a collection of seven different lakes with a bustling holiday park and out

Price: £49.00
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