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April 28, 2014 08:35:36
Hand wash gel
Just UK Hand wash gel Advertiser: Just UK body care & cosmetics
Category: Special Care

Description: Hygiene becomes increasingly important in modern society. Body care means not only "cleansing“ but also care and protection from environmental influences. In order to make a valuable contribution to this, we have developed this bacteriostatic hand wash gel that cleanses, cares and protects all in one.Hand Wash Gel is also an ideal travel mate, easy to

Price: £10.00

April 19, 2014 02:37:24
Mango Body Cream
Just UK Mango Body Cream Advertiser: Just UK body care & hygiene
Path: Body Care & Hygiene
Category: Body Creams and Lotions

Description: This rich body cream based on Mango Butter has a high degree of moisturising capacities. It has a regenertaing effect and is a great moisturiser. The skin structure becomes smooth and elastic and it gets soft and silky to the touch. With regular use it considerably changes the skin's look. It is particulary suitable for people with rather dry, irritated

Price: £16.00

April 12, 2014 00:41:31
Lip Balm
Just UK Lip Balm Advertiser: Just UK body care & cosmetics
Category: Special Care

Description: Intensive lip care with intregrated sun protection. The active ingredients and natural oils prevent the lips from losing their moisture, prevents cracking and protects from damaging environmental influences.Various natural wax type substances convey a thin protection film to the lips. This is how the influence of sun, cold temperatures, wind and dust ca

Price: £5.00
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