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August 27, 2012 18:33:24
Lavender Cream
Just UK Lavender Cream Advertiser: Just UK body care & hygiene
Path: Body Care & Hygiene
Category: Body Creams and Lotions

Description: This caring body creme has a very wide field of application. It relaxes, desintoxicates, has a slight diuretic effect and therefore also helps to fight cellulite.

Price: £10.00

December 7, 2013 19:41:30
Lavender Oil
Just UK Lavender Oil Advertiser: Just UK body care & cosmetics
Category: Pure Essential Oils

Description: Lavender’s place of origin is Persia and Southern France (Provence). English Lavender is also well known and the fields are worth visiting. The flower is cut at the highest position of the sun because at this time of the day the content of essential Oil is at its maximum. For 1kg of essence approximately 150-160kg of plant is required. Lavender Oil he

Price: £10.00

September 12, 2012 03:59:33
Lavender Shower Gel
Just UK Lavender Shower Gel Advertiser: Just UK body care & hygiene
Path: Body Care & Hygiene
Category: Bath and Shower

Description: This shower gel has been developed in order to complete our lavender line. It’s a relaxing and harmonising shower product. A carefully tune blend of tensides provides a mild cleansing. This blend is particularly skin friendly and does not foam a lot. Lavender oil, herbal extracts and cosmetic active ingredients convey a caring effect. This shower gel

Price: £12.50
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