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February 21, 2013 11:43:46
Sage Gel
Just UK Sage Gel Advertiser: Just UK body care & hygiene
Path: Body Care & Hygiene
Category: Body Creams and Lotions

Description: This sage gel is a mix of sage and other plant extracts It cools and invigorates hot feet and legs and has a long-lasting and intense action. The gel deodorizes and has a slightly disinfecting effect. It stimulates the cutaneous circulation and conveys new elasticity. It is not greasy and stores moisture. Sage gel may also be used as After-Shave for gre

Price: £7.50

October 10, 2012 05:29:12
Seaweed Bath
Just UK Seaweed Bath Advertiser: Just UK body care & hygiene
Path: Body Care & Hygiene
Category: Bath and Shower

Description: Thanks to the high iodine content of seaweed, which is higher than the sea water itself, this seaweed bath can have an effect of regenerating and rejuvenating the skin It activates the purification of the skin and due to its firming effect this bath can be recommend particularly for tired and flabby skin and also for very dry skin sensitive to water.In

Price: £14.00

September 3, 2012 22:50:35
Sensuality Oil
Just UK Sensuality Oil Advertiser: Just UK body care & cosmetics
Category: Pure Essential Oils

Description: This special blend follows the ancient tradition of aromatherapy. A blend of essential oils that potentiate the effect of the individual ones. All its components are recognised for their calming and harmonising effect. The sweet exotic scents of Ylang Yland, Patchouli and Vetiver have a sensual, aphrodisiac effect on our perception.The effect is even st

Price: £13.00
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