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December 26, 2012 20:53:12
Ultrasonic Cat Repeller
Keen Gardener Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Advertiser: Keen Gardener cats
Path: Pets & Domestic Animals > Cats
Category: Cats

Description: The Ultrasonic Cat Repeller uses a PIR motion sensor to detect movement to a distance of 40ft, then emits a powerful ultrasonic whistle which scares cats away. Uses 2 x 9v batteries (not included) or 12v mains adapter (not included). Pre-set frequencies deters cats. Won't affect other animals and pets. Battery operated or will run off mains.

Price: £18.99

May 17, 2012 23:55:42
Ultrasonic Garden Pest Repeller
Keen Gardener Ultrasonic Garden Pest Repeller Advertiser: Keen Gardener pest control
Path: Garden > Plants & Plant Care > Pest Control
Category: Bugs


A powerful ultrasonic repeller designed to clear the garden of unwanted visitors. The motion detector detects movement up to 70 ft. from the unit, which triggers a burst of powerful ultrasound, harmlessly scaring the intruder away. Creatures affected include: Rats, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, badgers and deer . Simple 3-position settings l

Price: £27.00

August 17, 2013 21:14:43
Umbra Halogen Outdoor Deck Light 20w
Keen Gardener Umbra Halogen Outdoor Deck Light 20w Advertiser: Keen Gardener garden lighting
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Other Garden Equipment & Decoration > Garden Lighting
Category: Low Voltage Deck Lights

Description: Umbra Halogen Outdoor Deck Light 20w is an IP44 rated low voltage outdoor light, complete with Halogen MR16 12V lamp, 2m cable and connector. Use within the Garden Lighting Plug & Play system. Easy to install. Total wattage 20w. Aluminium and stainless steel construction. Diameter: 105mm

Price: £18.99
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