April 10, 2013 05:37:51
tank pad
MotoinUSA tank pad Advertiser: MotoinUSA leathers
Path: Motorcycles & accessories > Clothing > Leathers
Category: Accessories,Leather-Accessoires

Description: cow skin Color: black 01

Price: £9.33

July 10, 2012 07:32:18
tank pad
MotoinUSA tank pad Advertiser: MotoinUSA leathers
Path: Motorcycles & accessories > Clothing > Leathers
Category: Accessories,Leather-Accessoires

Description: cowhide, brass rivets, nickel-plated metal badge Color: black 01

Price: £14.02

December 12, 2012 19:48:00
TCX Airtech Evo, boots gore-tex
MotoinUSA TCX Airtech Evo, boots gore-tex Advertiser: MotoinUSA motorbike boots
Path: Motorcycles & accessories > Clothing > Motorbike Boots
Category: Clothing,Boots,Touring boots

Description: AIRTECH EVO GORE-TEX®, is the TCX®, Touring Line boot that affords superior watertightness combined with unique breathability. This level of performance is due to the boot',s construction: in particular to the use of the GORE-TEX®, Extended Comfort Footwear membrane which, combined with the CORDURA®, upper, ensures total watertightness wh

Price: £193.96
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