November 16, 2017 15:51:56
PondXpert MultiChamber CLEANING TOOL - NEW
Pondkeeper PondXpert MultiChamber CLEANING TOOL - NEW Advertiser: Pondkeeper pond accessories
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges > Pond Accessories
Category: Pond Filters

Description: This accessory has been designed to expertly grip the filter sponges found in the pondXpert MultiChamber filters - then squeeze to release the dirty water from the sponge.

Price: £9.99

November 6, 2017 16:56:23
Velda Floating Koi Dome Large
Pondkeeper Velda Floating Koi Dome Large Advertiser: Pondkeeper other garden equipment & decoration
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Other Garden Equipment & Decoration
Category: Water Features

Description: This is a novel new product introduced in 2014 and allows you to view your fish in an entirely new way!
The Koi Dome from Velda floats on your pond surface and the raised part of the sphere will fill with fish that magically appear to rise up off the pond.

Price: £79.99

October 13, 2017 12:48:07
Velda Artificial Lotus Leaf Small - 36 pieces
Pondkeeper Velda Artificial Lotus Leaf Small - 36 pieces Advertiser: Pondkeeper plant care & earth
Path: Garden > Plants & Plant Care > Plant Care & Earth
Category: Pond Plants

Description: Lotus leaves are common to many ponds. These floating plants successfully mimic those found in nature.

Price: £5.99
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