August 7, 2013 04:54:55
10000 Litre Pond Kit
Pondkeeper 10000 Litre Pond Kit Advertiser: Pondkeeper garden pools & bridges
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges
Category: Pond Kits

Description: Kit creates a pond of 3x3m at a depth of 1m (10' x 10' x 3').
Powered by high quality components from Hozelock

Save £96.51compared to usual component prices.

Price: £279.99

December 28, 2012 22:09:50
100w UVC Bulb - Buy One Get One Free
Pondkeeper 100w  UVC Bulb   - Buy One Get One Free Advertiser: Pondkeeper pond accessories
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges > Pond Accessories
Category: Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Description: Powerful pond UVC Bulb - zaps away single cell green algae.
Suitable for use with Oasis/Lotus 100 UVC.

Price: £24.99

January 8, 2014 15:30:39
10x10 Butyl Pondliner
Pondkeeper 10x10 Butyl Pondliner Advertiser: Pondkeeper pond lining
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges > Pond Lining
Category: Pond Liners


Price: £749.00
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12mm Dia.Hose 50m length
12mm Dia.Hose 5m length
12mm Diameter Hose (1m length)
12mm Diameter Hose (25m Length) 12mm Zinc Hoseclip - pair 12v Li-ion Water Butt Pump - WBP3A 12x10 Butyl Pondliner 12x10 Greenseal Pondliner 12x12 Butyl Pondliner 12x12 Greenseal Pondliner 12x7 Butyl Pondliner 12x7 Greenseal Pondliner 12x8 Butyl Pondliner 12x8 Greenseal Pondliner 12x9 Butyl Pondliner 12x9 Greenseal Pondliner 13w UVC Bulb - Buy one Get One FREE 13w UVC Bulb - GX base - BOGOF DEAL 13x10 Butyl Pondliner 13x10 Greenseal Pondliner 13x12 Butyl Pondliner 13x12 Greenseal Pondliner 13x13 Butyl Pondliner 13x13 Greenseal Pondliner 13x8 Butyl Pondliner 13x8 Greenseal Pondliner 13x9 Butyl Pondliner 13x9 Greenseal Pondliner 14x10 Butyl Pondliner 14x10 Greenseal Pondliner 14x12 Butyl Pondliner 14x12 Greenseal Pondliner 14x14 Butyl Pondliner 14x14 Greenseal Pondliner 14x8 Butyl Pondliner 14x8 Greenseal Pondliner 14x9 Butyl Pondliner 14x9 Greenseal Pondliner 15w UVC bulb - Double Ended Type - BOGOF 15x10 Butyl Pondliner 15x10 Greenseal Pondliner 15x12 Butyl Pondliner 15x12 Greenseal Pondliner 15x15 Butyl Pondliner 15x15 Greenseal Pondliner 15x8 Butyl Pondliner 15x8 Greenseal Pondliner 15x9 Butyl Pondliner 15x9 Greenseal Pondliner 15yr pondliner 10x10 15yr pondliner 10x6 15yr pondliner 10x7 15yr pondliner 10x8 15yr pondliner 10x9 15yr pondliner 11x10 15yr pondliner 11x7 15yr pondliner 11x8 15yr pondliner 11x9 15yr pondliner 12x10 15yr pondliner 12x12 15yr pondliner 12x7 15yr pondliner 12x8 15yr pondliner 12x9 15yr pondliner 13x10 15yr pondliner 13x12 15yr pondliner 13x13 15yr pondliner 13x8 15yr pondliner 13x9 15yr pondliner 14x10 15yr pondliner 14x12 15yr pondliner 14x14 15yr pondliner 14x8 15yr pondliner 14x9 15yr pondliner 15x10 15yr pondliner 15x12 15yr pondliner 15x15 15yr pondliner 15x8 15yr pondliner 15x9

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