November 29, 2013 13:34:02
6-way Weatherproof Switch Box
Pondkeeper 6-way Weatherproof Switch Box Advertiser: Pondkeeper spotlights & lighting equipment
Path: Lighting, Sound & Special Effect Equipment > Lighting > Spotlights & Lighting Equipment
Category: Electrics and Lighting

Description: Bring power pondside at a low price. This switchbox takes 'normal' electrical cable in through its inlet. This power can then be shared by up to six different electrical devices (eg,filter pump, lighting, fountain pump, UV, electronic blanketweed controllers, electronic feeders).

Price: £49.99

June 27, 2013 08:10:51
6w UVC Bulb - Buy One Get One FREE
Pondkeeper 6w UVC Bulb - Buy One Get One FREE Advertiser: Pondkeeper pond accessories
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges > Pond Accessories
Category: Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Description: Popular size of UVC bulb fits:
Lotus/Oasis Green2Clean 3000 and Hozelock Ecopower+ 2500

Price: £7.99

November 15, 2016 09:45:35
6x3 Butyl Pondliner
Pondkeeper 6x3 Butyl Pondliner Advertiser: Pondkeeper pond lining
Path: Garden > Garden Equipment > Garden Pools & Bridges > Pond Lining
Category: Pond Liners


Price: £134.82
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