EasyPond 30000 Pump and Filter Set

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Description: If you have a larger pond that you want to keep clean and have a limited budget then this package is hard to beat!
For less than £300 you get everything you need for a pond up to 30,000 litres (6600 gallons). The pressurisation allows the option of running the water from the filter to the top of a waterfall. Cleaning indicator lets you know when to clean the sponges.
New EasyFilter incorporates a handle to redirect flow from the usual flow to backwash/clean. Backwash clean your sponges without switching off your pond pump - Brilliant!!!
Set includes the pondXpert PondPush 15000 pump which handles solids up to 6mm and features a new 'ECO' motor with low running costs.
Price: £269.99

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