EasyPond 7000 Pond Kit with Liner

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Description: All you need to create a perfect pond.
Creates pond size: 11 x 11 feet x 2 ft depth (3.4x3.4x0.6m)
Finished pond holds up to 7000 litres of water (1500 gallons).
Using this project kit you can create a garden pond to be proud of!
This kit includes a 5x5m pond liner with matching underlay.
The kit includes a pressurised pond filter and submersible pump - pond equipment that can be easily hidden so not to spoil the look of your finished masterpiece.
The pond pump included in this set is a PondXpert FlowMaster 4500 with a maximum flow rate of 4500 litres per hour and the ability to manage solid particles of dirt and debris up to 5mm in size.
The pond filter supplied is the PondXpert EasyFilter 9000 which features an easy-clean mechanism for easy cleaning without having to get inside the filter. Also the filter has a powerful 9w UVC which stops your pond water from going green.
Your project kit also incluses hose and clips to join everything together.
Price: £199.99

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