vita balance (trial size, 30 tablets)

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Description: Mineral deficiencies from the depletion of soil value can translate into our food supply.  Therefore the products that we eat are not always what we think they are or even as good as perceived.  Our busy day to day lifestyle can lead to food choices that compromise the micro-nutrients so critical to our health and well-being.  vita balance has an optimised lipotrophic complex which means “fat-loving”. Lipotrophics liquify and homogenise fats in the blood.  vita balance supports a healthy liver as lipotrophics increase the production of lecithin by the liver, preventing the accumulation of fat in the organ.  vita balance contains a proprietary blend of over 20 herbs and combines vitamins and over 70 minerals. Containing no sugar, no wheat, no starch and no preservatives, vita balance is perfect to ensure your body is getting all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to support it.  
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