Sunflower hearts super suet balls, bumper box of 150

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Description: These new suet balls in a bumper box of 150 are made with our popular super suet and premium sunflower hearts.Super suet is higher in fat content as they contain 40% more fat than our standard suet balls, plus sunflower hearts pieces for extra nutrition. These fat balls are ideal for feeding from a suet ball feeder or loose, whole or crumbled on bird tables and ground feeding tables.As with all of our Super suet products, they are suitable to feed all year round as they do not smear or melt in the heat and won't go hard in the winter. Each ball weighs approx 90 g. There are no nets on our suet balls, or any other food we make, because birds and other wildlife can get trapped in them.Here's a quick guide to the birds that particularly enjoy super suet balls:
Price: £34.00

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