January 28, 2017 08:28:45
Rabbit hill hideaway puppet
RSPB Rabbit hill hideaway puppet Advertiser: RSPB baby toys
Path: Baby Toys
Category: Gifts & home > Children > All children

Description: Rabbit hill is a fantastic play toy for children. Complete with three super soft rabbits, the hideaway features a door and two burrows for the rabbits to appear from. The rabbits can all be stored away in the hill when they are not being played with.

Price: £24.99

January 5, 2018 08:06:50
Rabbit pot hanger
RSPB Rabbit pot hanger Advertiser: RSPB sweets & nibbles|baby toys|metal & wood decoration
Path: Art & Deco > Metal & Wood Decoration
Category: Gifts & home > Living & home > Decorative accessories

Description: Hang this cute rabbit pot hanger ornament from your favourite plant pot, bowl or vase.Ideal for sprucing up your home in spring!

Price: £4.99

January 23, 2018 03:22:52
Rainbow sockette puppet
RSPB Rainbow sockette puppet Advertiser: RSPB toys & equipment for playing outdoors|baby toys
Path: Baby Toys
Category: Gifts & home > Children > Toys & games > Puppets

Description: Bright rainbow sockette character with a mobile mouth. The fantastic bright colours make this sockette full of character, includes squeaker in the mouth to make him speak.

Price: £14.99
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