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Description: Proworks 5 Metre Roll of Kinesiology Sports Tape Regardless of your level of experience, this fantastic kinesiology sports tape from Proworks is a must-have purchase - and the perfect exercise accessory, whether you're playing sports, visiting the gym or going out on a run! Provides Unmatched Support for Muscles and Ligaments 'Why', you may be asking? Because it provides an unmatched level of support for your muscles and ligaments! If you are going out on a run, for example, you can create a support brace for your knees and ankles, resulting in a smoother, easier running experience! If you are weightlifting, you can create similar support braces for your back, neck, arms or shoulders in order to reduce strain and prevent injury. And if you're suffering from a sports injury, you can use the tape to aid your physiotherapy, supporting the affected area and speeding up recovery! Easy to Use and Versatile It couldn't be easier to use the kinesiology tape, either. The tape can be cut into any shape you desire, making it an extremely versatile tool! With a little bit of practice it is entirely possible to create complex slings from the tape - allowing you to tailor the level of support you are receiving to your own personal needs! Breathable Hypoallergenic Fabric for Maximum Comfort The soft, breathable hypoallergenic fabric that the kinesiology tape is made of means it is gentle on the skin, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort in spite of the exceptional support it provides. Providing unparalleled comfort and support in a cheap and easy-to-use package, the Proworks kinesiology tape is an ideal accessory for the beginner and the expert alike.
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