Savisto Vintage Style Popcorn Maker In Metallic Red

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Description: Savisto Home Popcorn Machine with Serving BoxesDo you ever find yourself craving some authentic cinema-style popcorn while having your own movie nights at home? Maybe you’re simply looking for a healthier alternative to the popcorn you find in a store. No matter the reason, it’s time to consider this stylish retro popcorn maker from Savisto.Unlike traditional methods of making popcorn, this quality machine from Savisto does not use any oil or butter. Instead, it uses nothing but circulated hot air to create a healthier, low calorie snack that is virtually fat free. If you decide you’d like a bit of extra taste to your popcorn, after cooking you are free to sprinkle or drizzle any flavouring you desire; from sugar or honey to salt or butter, you can create the perfect tasting popcorn just for you.Perfect for a Movie Night In!These popcorn makers are incredibly easy to use; simply pour the kernels into the popcorn chamber, turn the machine on and wait. In no time at all - only 5 minutes! - you and your friends and family can be enjoying fresh popcorn, served in a retro, cinema-style box.What’s in the box?1 x 1200W Popcorn Maker6 x Cinema Style Popcorn Boxes
Price: £23.99

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