Proworks Bike Gel Seat Cover - Black

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Description: Proworks Padded Gel Bicycle Seat Cover Riding a bicycle is a fun and environmentally friendly way of getting from A to B. However, it’s also a much more strenuous activity than driving. Saddle-sores, bruising and scrapes are all regarded as the occupational hazards of cycling. But here at Proworks, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way, so why not improve your comfort with the fantastic bicycle seat cover from Proworks? Designed for Maximum Comfort The Proworks bicycle seat cover is manufactured from silicone gel. This synthetic material is specifically engineered to be soft, light and padded, ensuring optimum comfort as you ride your bike. The external portion of the cover, however, is coated with rugged, wear-resistant Lycra - so the Proworks bike seat cover provides the best in both comfort and defence! Speaking of defence, the Proworks saddle cover includes a waterproof, dust-resistant sheath. Whenever you are riding in rainy or dusty conditions, it is sure to add an extra layer of protection to your bicycle. Extremely Easy to Use and Fit Actually fitting the Proworks gel saddle cover to your bicycle couldn’t be simpler. Our easy-mount drawstring fastener enables the cover to be fitted, and subsequently tightened and loosened, with ease. This means the cover can be equipped or removed at a moment’s notice, ensuring absolute ease of use! Whether you are concerned about your level of comfort whilst riding your bike - or simply want an extra layer of defence to keep your seat in mint condition for longer - there’s simply no finer option for augmenting your bicycle than the Proworks gel saddle cover.
Price: £9.99

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