August 2, 2017 07:37:55
Babyliss 2039U Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener Babyliss 2039U Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener Advertiser: hair straighteners
Path: Haircare > Hair Styling Equipment > Hair Straighteners
Category: Hair Straighteners

Description: 215°C ceramic coated plate performance. Ready to use in 60 seconds. Floating plates for even pressure. Swivel cord. Multi-voltage for worldwide use.

Price: £18.00

July 1, 2017 20:54:00
Oral-B Anti Plaque - Alcohol Free 500ml Mouthwash Oral-B  Anti Plaque - Alcohol Free 500ml Mouthwash Advertiser: mouthwash
Path: Oral Hygiene > Mouthwash
Category: Mouthwashes

Description: Oral-B Anti_Plaque Alchol-Free Mouth Rinse contains cetylpyridum chloride. a clinically proven ingredient which inhibits plaque formation...Used after brushing. it keeps working to reduce plaque buiild up by as much as 30% between brushing...It also contains fluoride to help prevent cavities by up to 40% more than brushing alone. Use daily in conjunctio

Price: £4.50

June 13, 2017 02:01:13
Oral-B 67040226 (for D20) 2 Brush Head Holder Oral-B 67040226 (for D20) 2 Brush Head Holder Advertiser: shaving accessories
Path: Shaving & Depilation > Shaving Accessories
Category: Holders

Description: 2 brush head holder for Braun Oral- B Toothbrushes.

Price: £11.00
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