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February 15, 2018 08:05:47
Puppytooth Red 'Thornhill' Jacket
Simon Carter Puppytooth Red 'Thornhill' Jacket Advertiser: Simon Carter elegant|men's
Path: Jewellery > Bracelets > Men's
Category: Jackets|Sale

Description: Finest Italian wool puppytooth weave with red piping and stitching detail and a red thread in the mauve weave. Soft construction, SB2 notch lapel, slanted flap pockets. 6mm AMF on OBW, collar, lapels, front and flaps. 4 waterfall cuff buttons. Bottom cuff button plus sham buttonhole stitched in contrast. Contrast jetted ticket pocket. Sculpted silk lini

Price: £295.00

February 15, 2018 08:05:47
Medium Woven Leather And Steel Brown Bracelet
Simon Carter Medium Woven Leather And Steel Brown Bracelet Advertiser: Simon Carter men's
Path: Jewellery > Bracelets > Men's
Category: Jewellery

Description: A medium wide woven leather bracelet in a rich brown tapestry. Slightly different brown tones have been used in the weaving to give a variation in the overall effect. The brushed stainless, laser branded clasp is magnetic - it simply pulls apart. The magnets are strong which will keep the bracelet secure, but putting it on and taking it off are easy, wi

Price: £55.00

February 15, 2018 08:05:47
Octopus Dobby Shirt
Simon Carter Octopus Dobby Shirt Advertiser: Simon Carter short sleeve
Path: Clothing > T-Shirts, Polos & Tops > Men's > Short Sleeve
Category: Shirts|Plains and Jacquards

Description: A short tentacled, rather cute octopus emerges from the Dobby loom. An advanced use of the Dobby technique in which the image is rendered as part of the weave. Dobby is not as versatile as Jacquard in the production of non-geometric motifs but gives a bit of extra texture in the weave resulting here in a high quality garment with an added, difficult to

Price: £150.00
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