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March 11, 2017 08:05:33
Bathmate Hercules
Tower Health Bathmate Hercules Advertiser: Tower Health pumps & suction
Path: Vibrators, Dildos & Toys > Pumps & Suction
Category: Male Enhancement Products

Description: Product benefitsWorld famous Bathmate hydropumpHelps men with ED form an erection quickly and easilyMaximises erection size making the penis look longer and thickerContinued use can improve girth and length of the penisHelps form an erection in under 20 minutesBecause Bathmate Hercules works within just a few minutes, and it is completely non-invasive,

Price: £49.95

March 11, 2017 08:05:33
Piriton Allergy - 4MG - 30 tablets
Tower Health Piriton Allergy - 4MG - 30 tablets Advertiser: Tower Health treatment & prevention
Path: Treatment & Prevention
Category: Hay Fever and Allergy Relief

Description: Piriton – helps to relieve symptoms of hayfever, allergies, bites and stings Powerful yet gentle, the Piriton range provides all round relief for your family's allergies and common itching problems. Choose Piriton to effectively treat symptoms of:HayfeverHousehold allergies including dust and petsSkin allergies and dermatitisHives and nettle rashPri

Price: £2.67

March 11, 2017 08:05:33
RelaxSan Sensitive Feet Short Socks
Tower Health RelaxSan Sensitive Feet Short Socks Advertiser: Tower Health socks
Path: Accessories > Socks & Hosiery > Men's > Socks
Category: Socks

Description: Exceptional socks perfect for anyone with diabetes, arthritis, athlete’s foot or just sensitive and delicate feet. Completely flat seams and avoids abrasion on toes. Cotton Toe Socks protect each toe individually like a glove, while the Cotton-Crabyon style are more traditional without individual toe protection. Moisture controlling properties can hel

Price: £14.95
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