Durex pleasure me 12

Anti Diarrhoea Durex pleasure me 12 Advertiser: Tower Health anti diarrhoea
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Description: How To Use Durex Pleasure Me CondomsCarefully open the wrapper using the indented edge.Handle the condom carefully, avoiding contact with sharp fingernails. Put on an erect penis and ensure it is on before intercourse.Make sure the roll is on the outside to prevent it being inside out, pinch the teat end of the condom so there is no air trapped inside and roll the condom down the penis. Remembering to roll it back down again if it rolls up during sex.If the condom comes off, replace with a new one straight away. After ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, hold the condom firmly at the base before removing.This product contains latex. People allergic to or sensitive to latex should not use this product.
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